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Experts gathered to shape Digital SkillUp courses

@ Yingyaipumi -
@ Yingyaipumi -

On 16 September 2020, representatives of the industry, academia, SMEs, civil society organisations, training providers and experts on online training development gathered for the Digital SkillUp Second Strategic Seminar.  

During this half-day online event, the consortium partners presented core elements of Digital SkillUp training syllabus and showcased specific training content examples. The presentations were followed by breakout sessions, throughout which the experts brainstormed in small groups on both the syllabus and course features.  

Participants confirmed that the topics selected for the Digital SkillUp training courses would be relevant for the target groups they represented. They also highlighted the importance of making learning content accessible by focusing on real-life examples of applications and implications of the technologies in focus.

The experts perceived an overview explaining how technology works as an important component of Digital SkillUp, but underlined that this would be needed already at a basic level to help learners overcome frustration when facing these topics for the first time, and to give them sufficient grounds for further exploration and knowledge building.

Additionally, experts agreed to focus the learning modules' content on Digital revolution, emerging technologies focusing on IoT, Robotics and VR/AR, and cybersecurity. They also gave valuable suggestions on the format of the courses, emphasising that learners should be kept motivated and engaged throughout the educational experience.    The feedback gathered during the Second Strategic Seminar has been carefully evaluated by the Digital SkillUp Team and fed directly into the development of Digital SkillUp courses, launching in June 2021.