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In the Digital SkillUp, we are a stakeholder community whose mission is to upskill as many citizens and SMEs as possible. Join us and receive free access to online training on emerging technologies, discover initiatives and resources, share your experiences, and learn from others - it takes just a few simple steps to engage in the Digital SkillUp stakeholder network.

Spread knowledge across your target audience

Motivate your target audience to develop digital skills and gain knowledge of emerging technologies. Your learners might start with free Digital SkillUp online courses or discover other training possibilities in the Course Catalogue

Capture attention by sharing your ideas

Share your ‘digital skilling up’ practices and initiatives with us. We will make sure that a wide European audience hears about them and gets inspired to implement similar solutions. 

Always keep learning

Discover our research findings, online learning tips, and helpful resources. You will learn what experts have to say about emerging technologies and skills needs for citizens and SMEs.

Expand your network

Participate in Digital SkillUp online events and collaborate with us in co-organising joint activities. Do not miss a chance to share your expertise, maximise the impact, and engage within a large network of stakeholders across Europe.

Get inspired by others

Read other stakeholders' stories and find out how citizens and SMEs can gain additional skills in real case examples. Get encouraged to innovate your approach.

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Learn more about how to submit your good practice examples and how to contribute if you are a training provider. Browse the Course Catalogue to inform yourself about existing upskilling offers.