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Digital SkillUp supports SMEs' digital transition by providing basic knowledge on emerging technologies. From staff training courses and upskilling pathways to the successful business cases - find out what your company needs to indulge into digital world.

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Many SMEs across Europe are looking at the emerging technologies as a way to bring their business forward. Discover the inspiring testimonials and learn from their experience adopting technology and upskilling the staff!

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If you are still asking yourself whether you really need the emerging technologies, can they actually have a positive effect on your business - Digital SkillUp provides you with some business cases analysis which can help to adress these doubts.

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Introducing emerging technologies to your business is not an easy task. Digital SkillUp is here to help you making the first steps. Our recommended upskilling pathways will provide a much-needed guidance.

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Understanding the basics of emerging technologies is a necessary step for each staff member. Digital SkillUp's engaging online courses are here to help with this task. 

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Then you can visit our Course Catalogue and browse among the top suggested trainings on emerging technologies.  

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appliedAI by UnternehmerTUM Courses


NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute’s courses

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Sustainable AI in Business

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Digital SkillUp always has more to offer - check our Helpful Resources that support learning, and find out more about our research on SME and citizens upskilling needs throughout Europe.