Accelerate the digital transition of your business

Digital SkillUp supports the digital transformation of European SMEs. From learning pathways for upskilling to top-notch business cases: discover successful strategies and approaches to ensuring a future-proof workforce and thrive in the digital world.

Find inspiration in our mini-guide for SMEs

There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe sped up the digital revolution – and the digitalisation of SMEs. But how can businesses weather the storm? We put together a learning roadmap to offer SMEs a flexible framework to be more resilient in the event of future challenges.

Build the smallest possible team to deliver a digital product

We draw lessons from digital start-ups to show you key roles and profiles that you should absolutely have on board to deliver a digital product and accelerate the digital transition of your business. You’ll also find our tips on scaling up.

Non-tech SMEs can be part of the digital world too

Find practical steps and dive into key roles and profiles for SMEs that may not be that digitally-savvy yet, but are looking to go about digitalising a product or service (or two!).

What skills should SME employees tick?

This one may sound obvious but investing in skills is the only way to ensure your business doesn’t go under long-term. We look at the technical and soft skills you should surround yourself with to grow further and remain competitive on a global scale.

Draw inspiration from our business cases

Thirteen different businesses of companies, who have successfully integrated emerging technologies to one extent or another, making use of their potential for business development and growth. Read our overview.

Get inspired by other companies and stakeholders

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NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute’s courses

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Sustainable AI in Business

Dive into our interviews with SMEs ahead in the digital transformation

We interviewed 13 founders and executives of SMEs throughout Europe, who have successfully sped up the digital transition of their company by making use of emerging technologies.